Utility patents are often the backbone to any innovation companies’ success and growth. As an example, a utility patent may be awarded for a method that increases efficacy, an algorithm that defines probabilities, or a medical advancement that helps treat patients. The requirements for a utility patent include the invention be novel (new and useful) and that such innovation was not obvious.

At Avakian IP our diverse backgrounds enable us to readily understand the underlying science behind your invention, and properly protect your invention in a matter most beneficial to your goals and industry protocols. With experience in fields ranging from Bio-Chemistry to Computer Science to Physics and Complex Mechanics, we are able to carve patent protection for virtually any type of invention.

National Prosecution

Our professionals represent clients before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office by preparing and prosecuting patent applications on provisional, utility and design inventions; preparing appeals and interferences for submission to the Board of Patent Appeals & Interferences; and planning and executing strategic prosecution techniques in support of your innovation and goals.

International Prosecution

Our experience counseling clients regarding the necessity and potential for international patent protection is key to ensuring your invention is protected in territories instrumental to your industry, now and in the future. With a trusted compilation of over 120 international patent professional, our staff are well-versed in identifying and drawing upon the expertise of local counsel to move your interests forward. Our international services include preparation and prosecution of applications filed under the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT); coordination and filing of foreign utility patent applications in virtually all foreign countries; coordination of foreign industrial design registration; and managing foreign opposition proceedings.